Al Bustan Centre & Residence highlights new offerings


Moussa El Hayek, Chief Operating Officer, Al Bustan Centre & Residence and a veteran of the hospitality industry, shared insights into the ambitious renovation project with TTN at the recent Arabian Travel Market (ATM).

He mentioned that the group highlighted the renovation at ATM, an event with which it has an enduring partnership spanning 27 years. “As we reflect on our journey since inception, we seize this moment to reconnect with our valued clients and partners,” remarked El Hayek.

He explained that the significant renovation endeavor aims to maintain the property’s competitiveness in Dubai’s dynamic hotel sector. With the city witnessing a steady influx of new hotels, he stressed the importance of offering guests fresh experiences while staying true to the property’s commitment to excellence.

“Our main focus this year revolves around the major renovation work,” El Hayek said. “We’re revamping everything in our rooms with a keen eye on modern furnishings, eco-friendly practices, and sustainable technologies. To stay competitive, you need to stay up to date and give your clients a feeling that every time they come to you, they are not seeing the same thing.”

“We have decided to replace everything in our rooms with new modern furnishings, new lighting, new electronics, and a new air conditioning system that aligns with sustainability standards to reduce carbon emissions.”

Providing insights into the renovation progress, El Hayek revealed that the project was already underway, with a substantial portion of rooms nearing completion. The hotel’s meticulous planning ensured minimal disruption to guests, with renovations being carried out seamlessly to ensure a comfortable stay for all. “We anticipate that by end of July all the rooms will be completely renovated,” he said.

Al Bustan Centre & Residence is also upgrading its banquet facilities and retail outlets to enhance the overall guest experience, El Hayek noted.

Looking ahead, El Hayek expressed optimism about aggressively promoting the renovated offerings in the market, aiming to garner support from loyal partners and attract new clientele.

Asked about the property’s target markets, he said: “We cater to various markets, including Russia, China, India, and Western Europe. Our main business for leisure comes from the GCC and local markets. We always focus on these areas, participating in tourism events such as ITB and WTM. We visit Moscow twice a year, depending on the situation, to engage with our partners on their home ground.”

Al Bustan emphasises providing accessibility solutions for the people of determination. El Hayek explained: “We cater to the Paralympic community, hosting their championships at local, regional, and international levels since 2008. Our relationship with them has grown due to the excellent service and extensive facilities we offer. We have the capacity to accommodate large groups, sometimes up to 2,000 people, under one roof, providing all meals. Not many hotels in Dubai can dedicate their entire inventory to one group, but we do because of our loyalty to our customers, who in turn are loyal to us. We prioritize their needs over maximizing room rates.”

Reflecting on Dubai’s remarkable evolution as a tourist destination, El Hayek said: “Dubai’s journey of growth and prosperity is truly awe-inspiring. It’s a testament to the city’s resilience and ability to overcome obstacles, making it a beacon of hope and opportunity for the world.”