Hilton Salwa focuses on sport


“We’re embarking on a bold initiative to introduce permanent sports academies for football and tennis, offering guests the chance to refine their skills while indulging in our luxurious amenities. Moreover, for those craving relaxation, our expansive spa and 3.5 kilometres of pristine white sandy beach provide the perfect sanctuary for unwinding,” Borg reveals in an exclusive interview with TTN at the ATM event in Dubai last month.

Conveniently located just 80 km from Doha and 10 km from Saudi Arabia border, Hilton Salwa serves as the perfect escape for both local residents seeking a break from the city bustle and Saudi guests looking for a luxurious getaway.

Hilton Salwa is more than a resort – it’s a destination in its own right. With 361 exquisite accommodations, including 84 luxurious villas, 31 traditional Arabian townhouses, and 246 elegant hotel rooms, it stands as one of the most stunning Hilton resorts globally. It also has a fully-fledged marina.

“What truly sets us apart is the array of attractions we offer. Nestled within the resort is an incredible waterpark featuring over 30 rides and various attractions, including go-karting and laser tag. For sports enthusiasts, there are two FIFA-standard football pitches, perfect for hosting professional teams and sports academies,” continues Borg. “It’s a really a place where you can come and set yourself for 5-6 days of entertainment.”

When it comes to dining, the options are equally impressive. From the exotic flavours of Miss Wong to the authentic Italian cuisine of Dante and the traditional Arabic dishes at Levantine, there’s something to tantalise every palate.

Further highlighting the resort’s uniqueness, Borg says: “Hilton Salwa is known to be one of the best resorts in Qatar for the quality that it offers. It is one of the landmarks of Qatar as a tourist destination and a blueprint of what resorts should look like. The 84 villas we offer are really top luxury.”

The resort, opened in 2020, has seen exceptionally positive first quarter, mirroring the encouraging trends seen in Qatar and Doha.

“We’ve observed a significant uptick in group business, particularly in hosting weddings, solidifying Hilton Salwa’s reputation as a premier event space. We remain committed to enhancing our offerings and maintaining our focus on providing exceptional event experiences,” says the General Manager.

“During the summer months, our resort becomes a haven from the heat, with our covered waterpark, aptly named Desert Caves, offering a cool retreat for guests to enjoy comfortably.”

As for new developments, the resort aims to maximise its potential by introducing new activities and amenities to ensure the guests are continually entertained and delighted during their stay.

“Our focus in the near future will be on further developing our sports academy and catering to international clientele.”

Speaking about the source markets, Borg says: “Our primary target markets include the GCC, followed by a growing European market. Additionally, there’s a notable influx of group business originating from Asia, particularly weddings from India. This heightened interest is attributed to the versatility of the venue, offering a myriad of spaces and configurations that ensure each event is distinct. Salwa presents an ideal setting for crafting unforgettable weddings that reflect one’s aspirations and dreams.”

“Post-Covid, we’ve observed a resilience among travellers, with a notable emphasis on family travel and multi-generational gatherings, underscoring the importance of quality time spent together,” he continues.

He agrees today’s guests crave adventure and seamless service, delivered promptly and with a strong emphasis on safety and cleanliness. “At Hilton Salwa, we excel in meeting these expectations, ensuring that our guests not only enjoy thrilling experiences like our waterpark and sports activities but also feel confident in the cleanliness and sustainability practices we uphold.