Kea Island promises authentic Aegean experience for GCC travellers

One&Only Kea Island

GCC travellers have a chance to explore the rugged beauty of Greece's Kéa Island, where One&Only Kea Island promises a blend of authentic Aegean living.

Perched above a protected cove on the rugged west coast, the newly opened One&Only Kéa Island promises exceptional experiences that include the celebration of the natural and cultural wonders of Kéa, with bespoke adventures across land and sea.

With the resort’s expert team, experienced divers can explore the Mediterranean's most renowned dive sites, including four historic wrecks and protected marine parks surrounding Kéa, while beginners can learn the art of diving in the bay's calm waters.

Above the waves, guests can sail to one of the island’s secluded beaches, accessible only by boat.


GCC travellers can visit the region of Graubunden in Switzerland, and hike with the world’s first air sommelier, Patrick Stebler.

The award-winning perfumer from Chur, Switzerland offers one-of-a-kind tours around the Graubunden mountains to help guests uncover the unique scent of the region, from its distinctly crisp morning summer scents in its verdant valleys to its calming, resinous top notes found in the lush forests.

Beyond the olfactory experience, these tours offer a full-body immersion into the cultural fabric of Graubünden, with opportunities to meet local artisans, indulge in regional cuisine, and partake in activities like berry picking and hiking.

Known for its bright green valleys, snow-capped peaks and shimmering Swiss Alpine lakes, Graubunden is ideal for individuals, groups, and families seeking spectacular outdoor adventures, with each region of the canton providing a unique set of experiences to suit every visitor profile.

Adventures await as visitors can hike among the craggy ravines of the Rhine Gorge, otherwise known as the little Swiss Grand Canyon, experience thermal water healing at one of Graubunden’s many world-renowned spas, or take a train through glacial landscapes which has been titled among the most spectacular train journeys in the world.

Ultima Corfu

Perched majestically on a hillside overlooking the serene expanse of the Ionian Sea, Ultima Corfu is an exquisite private beachside residence that promises an unparalleled retreat for families and friends alike.

Boasting over 1,000 sqm of luxurious living space, this property seamlessly blends the outdoor landscape with its elegant indoor spaces.

Beyond its stunning interiors, Ultima Corfu offers a wealth of bespoke experiences designed to elevate every moment of the stay.

From exclusive beachside lounging to thrilling water sports adventures, guests can immerse themselves in the tranquil beauty of the Ionian Sea.

Indulge in gourmet delights prepared by expert chefs using locally sourced ingredients, savouring each dish as a celebration of Corfu's rich gastronomic heritage.

For those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, the luxurious spa treatments, holistic wellness programs, and yoga sessions await overlooking the azure horizon.

Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa

Emerald Faarufushi Resort & Spa invites GCC travellers to escape to the azure waters of the Indian Ocean.

Boasting 1.2 km of pristine white-sand beaches, the resort offers an ideal escape for those yearning for the perfect summer getaway. Nestled within the lush tropical gardens of the resort, the Emerald Spa resides at the heart of the island, offering an oasis of tranquillity and rejuvenation.

Embracing the rich traditions of Thai and Balinese cultures, the spa delivers world-class treatments using premium natural products from the renowned British brand, Elemis.

Its contemporary architecture seamlessly integrates with the surrounding beauty, creating a serene ambiance. Guests are welcomed into a sanctuary of relaxation, featuring eight air-conditioned tree-huts, a steam room, and a blissful relaxation area complete with plunge pools.

Additionally, a yoga pavilion and manicure and pedicure stations cater to every aspect of wellness. As the summer sun bathes the island in warmth, guests can surrender to the serenity of the spa sanctuary and let their worries melt away. – TradeArabia News Service