paris continues to work its charm


Amidst the bustling cityscape, visitors can indulge in exclusive experiences, from private tours of prestigious art collections to bespoke shopping in the city’s most exotic  boutiques. Paris remains an epitome of luxury tourism, offering a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary allure, making it an irresistible destination for discerning travellers seeking unparalleled sophistication and cultural immersion.

TTN had a unique opportunity to savour some of the exquisite Parisian offerings following the Rendez-vous en France workshop, organised by Atout France. Atout France Middle East and Turkey partnered with the Paris Region Tourism Board to offer 37 tour operators (from Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar and Turkey) and TTN a luxury fam trip in Paris to immerse in the city’s cultural, gastronomical and fashion offerings.



Following a comfortable train journey from Toulouse (where Rendez-vous en France was held), we were welcomed at the Hôtel du Collectionneur, a luxury haven in the heart of Paris, the city that never sleeps.


This year France will be the ultimate destination not only for sports enthusiasts but also art admirers, history and culture buffs. We have a robust eco-friendly tourism sector and good food
– Christophe Decloux



Strategically positioned near the Palais de l’Élysée, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, and the majestic Arc de Triomphe, the Hôtel du Collectionneur embodies the essence of Parisian elegance. Formerly a fire station, the property now exudes the grandeur of the Second Empire era, drawing inspiration from Jacques-Émile Ruhlmann’s iconic Hôtel du Collectionneur showcased at the 1925 Universal Exhibition.

The hotel pays tribute to the splendour of Art Deco through its star attraction – The Eiffel Apartment (on the seventh floor), said Pierre Lecomte, the Sales Manager, while shedding  light on the property’s rich history and exquisite design.

“We have had a lot of enquiries coming for this property from our high-end clientele, mainly families from the Arab World and European regions,” he added.



After a sumptuous French meal at the hotel’s exquisite restaurant, Le Collectionneur, it was time for business. Twenty-four of the top Parisian region partners of Atout France gave us a glimpse of what Destination Paris can offer to high-end visitors, at a workshop in Paris Marriott Champs Elysées.

According to French tourism experts, the luxury hospitality sector in the country is constantly evolving, with several premium properties adapting to changing consumer preferences. Experts believe that the top three trends shaping this industry ahead of the biggest sports extravaganza, the Paris Olympic Games 2024, are sustainability, personalised experiences, and holistic wellness.



Paris Region remains one of the most popular and most visited cities in France. Middle East tourists numbering 654,000 and 3,240,000 overnight stays in 2023, ranked 8th among international visitors and second among distant markets after the US, said Christophe Decloux, the CEO of Paris Region Tourism Board Greater Paris Metropolitan Region.

“We don’t need to build much infrastructure or hotels to get ready for the games and sports fans, as nearly 95 per cent of the Olympic sites already exist. All we need to build is the athletes’ village and a swimming pool; that’s it,” stated Decloux while giving an update on the Olympics preparations.

On the new hospitality projects getting ready for the big event, the top official said two major properties – IHG Hotels & Resorts’ 470-room Intercontinental Paris Le Grand and the 192-room Paris Marriott Champs-Elysées – had a major revamp recently and are now geared up for the Olympics rush.

“This year, France will be the ultimate destination not only for sports enthusiasts but also art admirers, history and culture buffs. We have a robust eco-friendly tourism sector, good food as well as culture and heritage. Also, there is so much stuff for adrenaline junkies,” noted Decloux.

The immersive exhibition for the 150 years of Impressionism is another big draw for the discerning tourist, he said. “French culture is also about its cuisine, and Paris is a true gastronomic paradise renowned for its Michelin-starred restaurants,” he added.

And now with the Olympics just round the corner, a major surge is being witnessed in interest to travel to France, they stated, citing new data from Amadeus. Searches from Mena region for the specified dates increased by an impressive 10 per cent compared to the same period last year.



“Post-Covid the tourists were back in 2023 with a vengeance in France, and the saga continues as they make up for the lost time during the crisis. You know our theme parks like Parc Asterix (based on the famous Franco-Belgian comic book character), Futuroscope (for multimedia, cinematographic, and 3D and 4D cinema buffs) are some of the top hotspots for GCC as well as Indian visitors,” said Frédéric Gouguidis, International Sales Director of Compagnie des Alpes, a French company created in 1989 to operate many ski resorts in Europe.

For us, Middle East is a big market, especially families who like to flock to such theme parks.

Following the workshop, it was time for dinner, and that too bore the stamp of uniqueness and luxury. Hosted on board le Bus Toqué, a double-decker bus that offered guests a delightful way to discover the food and wine of the cultural capital, while gazing at its most beautiful monuments, including the iconic symbol of Paris’ rich history – the Eiffel Tower, which looked absolutely delightful, gleaming in the night.

With luxury as the theme of our tour, our next visit was to the house of Christian Dior, the legendary fashion designer synonymous with luxury, elegance, and innovation in the world of haute couture. Nestled in the heart of Paris, it can best be described as a sanctuary of style, where the Dior legacy continues to inspire. A hub for fashion aficionados, it features sleek lines, modern design elements, and luxurious interiors, standing as a testament to the enduring allure of French fashion.

“From its opulent interiors to the meticulously curated collections in the building, every detail whispers of luxury and sophistication, captivating visitors with its enchanting blend of tradition and modernity,” said a customer relations executive at Christian Dior, while taking us on a tour of the place.

Over the next few hours, it was a whirlwind of visits to sites of importance in Paris, beginning with the Jacques Chirac museum, followed by a ‘royal’ traditional lunch at the exotic Les Ombres. The next stopover was the Hôtel de la Marine, a historic gem and a true ‘Versailles laboratory’ with 18th Century stamped in all areas of the decorative arts: from the study to the reception rooms, from the bathrooms to the bedroom – with many secrets underneath its belly.

A magical boat ride along the Seine River with dinner on board the luxurious riverboat, le Diamant Bleu, offered the Middle East team the opportunity to bid adieu to the City of Light in style.