Czechia promotes co-working spaces and bespoke venues


In a pioneering initiative to foster creativity and collaboration, the Czech Convention Bureau announces the launch of inspirational co-working spaces, to provide a dynamic environment for professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to work, network, and innovate in the heart of one of Europe’s most vibrant
cultural hubs.

As part of this initiative, the inspirational co-working spaces are strategically located in different regions of the Czech Republic, each offering its own unique blend of amenities and attractions. With access to state-of-the-art facilities, flexible workspaces and a supportive community of like-minded individuals, professionals attending MICE events can now take advantage of these dynamic workspaces to maximize their productivity while experiencing the diverse cultural and natural beauty of the Czech Republic.

Additionally, for overseas travellers, the Czech MICE landscape offers a plethora of venues and team-building activities. From historic castles to modern conference centres, the Czech Republic boasts venues with the largest capacity, ensuring ample space for events of all scales. Moreover, team-building activities in the Czech Republic are designed to foster collaboration, communication, and creativity among participants, ranging from outdoor adventures to immersive cultural experiences.

Barbara Andelová, International Marketing Manager – New Markets, CzechTourism, said, “We are excited to introduce Inspirational Co-Working Spaces as part of our ongoing efforts to enhance the experience of the visitors in the Czech Republic. Through this initiative, we aim to provide professionals with not only exceptional workspaces but also opportunities to explore the diverse regions and offerings of our beautiful country.”