Atmosphere Core is poised for strong growth

OBLU SELECT at Sangeli

One of the fastest-growing South Asian hospitality companies, Atmosphere Core celebrated an unprecedented decade of operation in 2023 with eight resorts in the Maldives within a distinctive brand portfolio comprising THE OZEN COLLECTION, COLOURS OF OBLU, and Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts.

This remarkable journey began with Atmosphere Kanifushi launched in 2013. With the success of this resort, Atmosphere Core built a strong reputation for service excellence, impeccable food and beverage experiences, and genuine hospitality. Atmosphere Kanifushi has been named Maldives’ Leading Family Resort by the World Travel Awards for the past three years in a row.

Since then, the company has launched a new property almost every year: OBLU NATURE Helengeli (Now OBLU NATURE Helengeli by SENTIDO) in November 2015, OZEN LIFE MAADHOO in July 2016, OBLU SELECT Sangeli in July 2018, VARU By Atmosphere in October 2019, OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI in December 2020, and the connected island resorts of OBLU SELECT Lobigili and OBLU XPERIENCE Ailafushi in March and June 2022, respectively.

THE OZEN COLLECTION brand was launched in November 2020 followed by the launch of COLOURS OF OBLU brand in October 2021. Finally, the newly reimagined ‘Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts’ brand was launched in March 2023. It migrated from the company name and features seven appealing sub brands paving the way for expansion in South Asia. Complementing the brand launch was the announcement of the new company name — Atmosphere Core in April 2023.



Salil Panigrahi, the Managing Director of Atmosphere Core, started this journey 10 years ago, along with a small team of passionate hospitality and business leaders. They shared an innovative vision – a philosophy of operating with people at the core, whether it be the partners, colleagues, or guests. It is this human connection that set the company apart and fuelled its strong growth in the Maldives.

Leveraging on extensive resort management experience in the Maldives, Atmosphere Core is perfectly positioned to expand into South Asia. The company has a particular focus on India, which has been witnessing a consistent growth in its tourism industry. With a positive economic outlook, favourable government policies, improvements in infrastructure and overall connectivity, India’s hospitality sector is poised for a bright future.

Atmosphere Core has picked the right time, and right strategy to enter the Indian hospitality scene with a big splash. The company has nine signed resorts in India, set to open in 2024, 2025, and 2026 and bring THE OZEN COLLECTION and Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts brands to the country. The objective is to reach 25 properties within 2025 – which the company is determined to achieve, the group said.



Developing strong value-driven brand and a unifying, overarching company philosophy of ‘Joy of Giving’, ensures that the company maintains brand experiences across geographies.

Atmosphere Core elaborates on its core philosophy of Joy of Giving: “For us, the essence of true hospitality is to restore the body and inspire the mind of anyone who spends their precious time with us. This spirit of generosity we direct into every aspect of the guest experience. It means giving joyfully, from the heart and soul.”

Stephane Laguette, the Chief Commercial Officer of Atmosphere Core, says: “Our core brand values, will drive natural behaviour, creating an ideology that underpins the service philosophy that shapes customer beliefs and aligns all stakeholders to a unifying platform. These brand core values are the tenets and guiding principles that will drive and shape distinction.”

All the three brands are conceptualised with distinct values and core messaging. Their ultra luxury brand, THE OZEN COLLECTION promises an experience of ‘REFINED ELEGANCE.’ And the team lives by the values of being Progressive, Passionate, Inspiring, and Benevolent, so that they can deliver an impeccable experience of gracious indulgence.

With properties ranging from four-star to five-star all-inclusive, COLOURS OF OBLU offers something truly special for everyone, appealing to audiences from all walks of life in search of exotic corners, pristine beaches and pure escapism. This encompasses world travellers, couples, families, honeymooners and the millennial minded. The brand values are Vibrantly Colourful, Genuinely Authentic, and Refreshingly Friendly.

The newest brand in the company’s portfolio, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts’ positioning of ‘A NEW EXPERIENCE AWAITS’ maps perfectly with the strong expansion plans for this brand. This brand’s values are: “We Are Enriching, We Are Immersive, and We Are Authentic.”

Travellers can cherish the charm of thoughtfully curated distinctive journey filled with inspirations drawn from local cultures. Taking it a step further, all the seven sub-brands of Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts will be associated with its own core value, thus helping in maintaining the brand positioning, brand promise and brand purpose, the group said.