Enthralling Japan

Luxurique launches new approach to curated travel planning 

Luxurique CEO and industry trailblazer Naomi Mano

Luxurique Inc, a boutique hospitality company creating exclusive Japanese experiences for high-net worth individuals and corporate businesses, has shared a new approach prioritising the client.

Rather than designing itineraries around popular tourist attractions by location, Luxurique first looks to understand their clients and then design full itineraries perfectly catered to their requirements, interests, and preferences.

Examples of past interest-based itineraries have included in-depth culinary tours with chefs to learn more about Japan’s cuisine and food culture, tours that focus on the lives of women in Japan’s local culture and businesses, and even a specialized itinerary featuring an expert-led tour of the significant islands that are home to a range of native reptiles for a traveller fascinated with ornithology.

With offices in Tokyo and Japan’s ancient capital of Kyoto and plans to expand overseas, Luxurique has been curating tailored itineraries, experiences and events for the inbound luxury hospitality and travel markets since 2014.

Led by female CEO and industry trailblazer, Naomi Mano, Luxurique’s team of multi-lingual consultants delivers a broad range of luxury hospitality and travel services, from exclusive client experiences and conference sideline events to global corporation executive meetings and corporate incentive programmes.

“We’ve always been catered to giving our clients, the true and authentic Japan, right since we started in 2007. With Japan being one of the last countries to open up after the pandemic, we are waiting to reach pre-Covid numbers when we successfully hosted several royal families from the Middle East, who are a pleasure to host,” Mano tells TTN.