Avana Retreat opens sanctuary for animals

In-house guests are invited to interact with the animals

Avana Retreat in Vietnam is broadening its sustainability efforts past flora to fauna with the introduction of the Bamboo Forest, a nature sanctuary for animals amid their verdant landscape.

The Bamboo Forest features a stone-lined stream, towering bamboo, lush grass, and, most importantly, a broad mix of animals living harmoniously within the space. 

“The Bamboo Forest is one of the most promising projects to contribute to our vision of sustainability,” said Vu Huy, founder of Avana Retreat. “Making use of our abundant land, we are encouraging biodiversity, a healthy ecosystem, and positive conservation practices.”

Avana Retreat worked with a specialist to integrate the current animals, which include deer, goats, rabbits, pigs, chickens, ducks and peacocks. In-house guests are invited to have hands-on experiences so they can learn about animal welfare, and be more aware of the environment, especially wildlife.

“We have our own animal ‘whisperer’ on-site,” said Huy. “He’s here first, leaves last, and has already built a strong connection with them – feeding them, communicating with them, learning their names, and showing them how to be around humans.”

While the animals are all free to roam and interact with each other during the day, they also have their own shelters they can return to in the evening.