How DMCs Have Shaped Tourism

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The Tourism Industry has many stakeholders that work in tandem with each other in order to create a world-class destination offering such as Dubai. However, an oft-overlooked part of the tourism cog, which connects to every other piece is the Destination Management Company (DMC). 

DMCs have played an integral role in helping Dubai become one of the most popular destinations by making it far more accessible and tourist-friendly. What many don’t know is that it was through the help of a DMC, that the Arabian Travel Market was introduced in Dubai 30 years ago.

One key DMC that has been a perennial presence in the Arabian Travel Market Is Desert Adventures Tourism. Formed 25 years ago in Dubai, Desert Adventures has grown to become one of the most reputable DMCs in the Middle East, with operations across the UAE, Oman, and Jordan. We sat down with their executive team to learn more about their role in the Middle East’s tourism sector and why the Arabian Travel Market is so important to them.

We asked Peter Payet, CEO of Desert Adventures, how beneficial the Arabian Travel Market has been to his company.

“Without a doubt, ATM is the biggest event in our sales calendar every year since our company was established. The event gives our entire team the opportunity to meet with our travel trade partners from all over the world and showcase their expertise in person, and has helped build our trust and reliability in the market. The event also provides a platform for us to showcase the strength of our partnerships with the tourism boards we operate under.”

We asked Tarek Al Ghar, Director of Sales for the CIS, Central & Eastern European, and MENA region, about the trends he is seeing in his markets and his expectation for the Arabian Travel Market.

“2022 was a really big year for us, especially from the CIS market. Desert Adventures’ reputation in this market is incomparable, as we have one of the biggest operational teams in the region. We are expecting 2023 to be just as big if not bigger as we are already seeing huge arrival numbers during the first quarter. During ATM, however, I am looking to further grow our Eastern European segment as we have developed a range of destination products that cater specifically to that market segment.”

Chris Farrell, Director of Sales for the European, South African, Asia-Pacific markets, and Sports Tourism had the following to say regarding some of the most important topics of discussion this year at ATM.

“One of the biggest concerns amongst my clients, which is also a major theme at ATM this year, is Sustainability. I am very proud of the efforts both Dubai and Abu Dhabi are making in ensuring that the destinations work towards Net Zero solutions. I believe it sets a standard for the world on how to effectively tackle this global concern. Internally, we have already begun evaluating our processes, and are being audited by an international firm for best sustainability practices within our industry. As a company, we are looking to be a leader in sustainable tourism, which we are initiating with key markets under my portfolio.”

Alex Rodrigues, Director of Sales for North and South America, and Iberia shared how Desert Adventures is staying ahead of the competition at ATM.

“One of our biggest focal points over the last 10 years has been the advancement of our technology. We are constantly looking at better connectivity solutions with our clients and suppliers that would push us to the bleeding edge of what is possible in our industry. We are a preferred partner amongst large-scale tour operators and online travel agencies, for our ability to easily distribute our product offerings through their system and provide the best rates in the market. However, nothing differentiates us more than the personalized services we offer our clients. Our team is what makes us special.” 

You can meet the Desert Adventures team at ATM 2023 at the following stands:

Department of Culture & Tourism - Abu Dhabi Stand - ME 2450

Dubai Department of Economy & Tourism Stand - ME 2610

Oman’s Ministry of Heritage & Tourism - ME 1410

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