In Brief


THA Staffing launches hospitality vertical

THA Staffing, one of the leading staffing solutions providers in the region, has announced the launch of its fourth vertical, THA Hospitality.

As the region sees growing demand for short and long-term employment, THA Staffing expands its offerings with the introduction of a dedicated hospitality vertical to respond to the influx of tourists to the region, uniting the strongest talents with the best-matched clients, the company said.

Catering to the seasonality of the service industry in the region, THA Hospitality allows hotel groups and restaurants to supplement their in-house pool of talent with skilled and capable personnel during busy times of the year. THA Staffing’s business model allows these establishments to take control of their operating and recruitment costs, aligned with occupancy rates, while maintaining the same service level, it said.


Google offers free tools for travel industry

On World Tourism Day, Google launched two free tools to help the travel industry in the Middle East and North Africa identify timely travel demand and make better-informed decisions. The tools were launched under the ‘Travel Insights with Google’ website, which includes two new tools available in both English and in Arabic; Destination Insights and Hotel Insights.

The Destination Insights tool will give travel businesses, governments, and tourism boards a clear picture of the top sources of demand for a destination, and the destinations within their countries that travellers are most interested in visiting. It also allows businesses to explore how tourism demand is changing, compared to previous months’ or years’ demand and adjust marketing campaigns accordingly.

Millions of people search for hotels every day on Google, generating immense insights about local interests in hotels and the process travellers go through. Small and independent hotels can now access the Hotel Insights tool to get in-depth knowledge about travellers’ interest in their property and understand where the interest is coming and how to attract new guests by creating a stronger digital presence.


Activity sustainability standards launched

Travelife and its partners, including the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), have released 38 activity sustainability standards for the tour operator industry. This marks the first time there has been a compilation of best practices to specifically address sustainability topics related to adventure activities such as community-based tourism, wildlife watching tours, mountain biking, surfing and stand up paddleboarding, hiking, trekking and many more.

“The partnership with ATTA is a great step forward as of the global reach of ATTA’s network and the on the ground knowledge of ATTA members. ATTA community will be supported to be on the forefront of sustainability making them an attractive business partner for a growing number of sustainability committed tour operators,” said Naut Kusters, Head of Travelife for Tour Operators.

“The codes of best practice is one more key step in making sustainability actions to be adopted by the tourism sector globally, it is a practical approach to make sustainability a reality in daily operations from a wide range of adventure and nature travel activities,” said Gustavo Timo, ATTA Product and Destination Development, Vice President.


UAE tourism hackathon targets youth

The UAE Ministry of Economy announced the launch of a tourism hackathon titled – Tourism TechGen, to be held in partnership with Plug and Play Middle East, one of the the largest innovation enablers in the world.

Set to take place in cooperation with national universities, local tourism authorities and partners of the tourism sector, the hackathon is a training programme and competition aimed at developing innovative solutions around the tourism industry.

The hackathon – open to university students and graduates with an interest in the sector – will help participants develop and expand their knowledge of the industry, helping them understand in-depth the role tourism plays in supporting economies around the world.