Spas return with unique offerings


As spa menu prices slash down this summer and new and improved treatments make spas more accessible than ever before, here is our list of five interesting pampering options from the region and beyond.



No wellness feature can be complete without mentioning the iconic Taj brand and its all-natural Jiva Spa. Last month, Taj Dubai launched a new relaxation zone Vishram, couples’ treatment room Prayag, and two new couples’ treatments, Chandana Supta and Uzichil. Drawing inspiration from centuries-old traditions of wellness in India, Taj Hotels’ signature Jiva Spas offer holistic sanctuaries in environments that lend themselves to overall well-being.

Treatments at Jiva Spa include a variety of rituals that are an amalgamation of Indian healing techniques, performed by trained experts using the finest natural ingredients. Guests can opt for treatments or beauty services, deep cleansing body scrubs and wraps or comforting foot massages followed by the signature herbal Vishuddhi tea at the relaxation zone. Guests also have access to the hotels’ swimming pool and pool bar for the ultimate rejuvenation.


The SPA at Palazzo Versace Dubai has introduced a Rainforest Therapy treatment, inspired by and designed around nature, and is the first aromatherapy treatment to be introduced at the spa. The refreshing 75-minute treatment uses ancient Japanese healing tradition that brings serenity to mind, body and skin. It begins in the sauna where fresh eucalyptus oil and leaves are used to open and purify the airways, followed by a tranquil rainforest shower surrounded by the calming sounds of the rainforest. Find your inner calm with a guided inhalation session, followed by a 60-minute tension-releasing deep massage, using slow and long movements. The nature journey ends with a cleansing mud mask spread on the hands and feet, leaving you feeling grounded and at one with nature.



Iridium Spa at The St. Regis Saadiyat Island Resort unveils a Detox and Relax traditional hammam and a high-tech, fast-acting Caviar Collagen Boost Facial this summer. Iridium Spa’s signature Detox and Relax treatment features a full-body traditional hammam experience to increase cell renewal, reduce water retention, thoroughly detoxify and cleanse the body and combat the appearance of cellulite. The ritual is then concluded with a full-body massage. Meanwhile, by utilising premium products from La Vallée, the Caviar Collagen Boost Facial boasts a high-tech formula that harnesses the benefits of rare ingredients such as Nutrisea Caviar Extract. The skilled therapists effectively remove any signs of aging by gently infusing the skin with vitamins and antioxidants, whilst tired feet are instantly revitalised with a paraffin wrap.



Capri Tiberio Palace, the iconic luxury property loved for its contemporary and retro design, introduces the ultimate detoxing experience this August, inspired by Russian wisdom and healing properties of organic Capri lemon and fennel herbs.

Get your client to try the ultimate Tiberio wellbeing ritual on their next trip to beautiful Capri. SPA TIBERIO, already renowned for being the biggest wellbeing area in Capri, features a dedicated water zone with dry and wet facilities, six treatments rooms and an outdoor/indoor heated pool.

The Tiberio Wellbeing Ritual Signature Treatment takes inspiration from the Russian Banya. The 2 hour ritual sees guests choose the scent of their choice – lemon for a balancing experience or fennel for a relaxing and soothing ritual – before starting their treatment which consists of a 30 minute total body scrub followed by a cold shower. The next step alternates steam and sauna and cold showers. Next, guests return to the treatment room to enjoy a process inspired by the Russian Banya, which uses branches of various types of plants (fennel, lemon, citrus), that are patted over the body to improve circulation. The combination of heat and humidity is highly relaxing and stimulates the production of endorphins, while the heat opens the pores, promoting the removal of toxins. After this, guests will jump on a cooling bath before heading to a 25-minute essential oil treatment to complete the ritual.



Hästens Sleep Spa, a hotel concept where guests can enjoy world-class sleep, is now open in the quaint Portuguese city of Coimbra. The property’s fifteen unique rooms offer guests the chance to spend the night on the ‘world’s best bed’ with a customised pillow selection menu for the complete Hästens’ experience.

One of the activities guests can join in on once they have checked into the hotel is Bed Talks, which is a conversation led by sleep expert Dr Edie Perry. She discusses various topics that help educate and guide guests to the ultimate sleep experience. Such topics include how the neck should be position, the choice of pillow and the lumbar spine should be supported, among more. At the Hästens Sleep Spa, pillows are very important and aid in delivering supreme sleep. Coming in five versions (soft high, medium high, firm high, medium extra high and firm extra high), these pillows are made of 100 per cent cotton and filled with goose feathers and down. Most importantly the advantages of these incredible pillows provide proper support for the neck and spine, will help guests breathe better, relax more and have an infinitely better night’s rest. All F&B during the stay – small meals, salads and such – is courtesy of the hotel. To complete the body and mind experience, the access to the rooftop is exclusive to guests, where they can enjoy stunning views of the city.  




TEMPORARY mandated closures of spa facilities last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic meant that on average, hotel spas were opened only for 210 days across key markets in the Gulf region. International travel came to a halt and safety concerns during the peak of the pandemic slowed down domestic demand for self-care treatments across the Gulf.

This, according to Colliers Spa Benchmark Report – Full year 2020, resulted in a 20 per cent drop in average treatment rates in 2020 in Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Oman, when compared to the previous year. Furthermore, treatment room utilisation rates witnessed a 12 per cent drop during the same year.

Most hotel spas in the region are heavily reliant on international tourist demand, says the report, therefore, one of the main drivers for recovery will be the increase in inbound travel across the UAE, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

As spas emerge in this new world, there will be an increased emphasis on outdoor facilities and a growth in the use of wellness technologies to personalise and individualise treatments. Outdoor massage facilities will be more common going forward. A growing use of health apps is a trend here to stay, alongside application of VR technology to guide experiences at spas; apparel that apply vibrational feedback to guide the user through practice; and smart jewellery that can monitor stress levels and track sleep, among others.