Prime launches new outbound concierge service

WELL established Kuwaiti destination management company Prime One has a new string to its bow with the launch of a concierge service aimed at outbound travellers.

Specifically for the corporate sector, Prime delivers packages which clients, for example retailers or banks, can offer as customer incentives making it possible for them to claim free accommodation in Prime destinations during a given period.

Managing director Eddie Fernandes explained: “For example it might be a shop that is giving out membership to the concierge service for customers who spend a certain amount.

“Once they have the membership they can then choose to travel during one of the free- of-cost periods but, since we also offer the extensive concierge service, we can also look at booking them additions such as car hire or excursions.

“Obviously the free periods will be limited but the concept is that the store gets exposure through the offer, we get exposure and the hotel gets exposure so it’s a win-win situation for all concerned.”

Prime is currently working with branches in Dubai and Russia, where the concept originated, and hopes to expand the service in the near future.

However in the meantime Fernandes is still concentrating on the inbound business, for which the agency is known, particularly working with cruise ships which are attracting large numbers of new tourists to the destination.