Year-round fun at Mzaar resort

Kanaan…marketing Mzaar

FOLLOWING  a record year in 2009 Lebanon’s InterContinental Mzaar is aiming for even better results in 2010.

The property, which opened in February 2000, boasts a business centre, movie theatre, seven food and beverage outlets, a 1,200-sq-m spa and 135 guest rooms and suites as well as access to 80km of ski trails linking 19 slopes.

And with much development happening at the resort, a great deal of marketing effort is going into attracting more visitors.

General manager Walid Kanaan said: “Every year, we uplift our premises with better facilities and amenities to meet our clients’ evolving needs. We are currently increasing our meeting spaces by adding two meeting rooms in order to accommodate larger groups.

“Our plans to market the area and bring more people to Mzaar target four main activities - sales, marketing, PR and food and beverage promotions.

“Intensified sales calls are in place to target existing and prospective local pharmaceutical, banking and IT sectors along with active coverage in the GCC and Levant with sales trips to feeder markets such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Jordan, Egypt and Cyprus and emerging markets from the Lebanese immigrants in Africa, Australia, North America and even Europe.”

He added that there is a focus on selling tactical packages, to fill gaps during shoulder seasons, which are tailored to meet the needs of various demographics.

And though Mzaar is primarily a ski resort it is also fast gaining a reputation as a summer destination.

Kanaan said: “Our year-round resort is located in one of the largest ski stations in the Mena region and thus is renowned for being a ski resort above all. But we have repositioned it as also being an ultimate summer destination, having ideal weather conditions compared to the coast.”

The majority of the hotel’s clientele is local. There is also a growing demand from Lebanese expatriates in the GCC as well as visitors coming from the Levant and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Syria and Egypt plus groups coming from the Emea region for meetings/incentives.

And to attract even further year-round business the hotel is currently relauching its Mice package which offers various special benefits on group bookings.