In Brief

MUNICH Airport

Autonomous boarding bridges in Munich

Munich Airport, together with its Terminal 2 subsidiary, and Dabico Airport Solutions Germany, have signed a letter of intent (LOI) to develop an innovative concept for fully automated passenger boarding bridges.

With the LOI, the two companies announced, during inter airport Europe 2023 in Munich, that they will determine the requirements for autonomous operation of the passenger boarding bridges and will use the results to jointly develop a pilot system for Munich Airport.

“With this pioneering project, we aim to reduce the duration of docking and undocking operations for passenger boarding bridges, thereby increasing the operational reliability and efficiency of our handling processes,” says Jost Lammers, CEO of Munich Airport.

“The long-standing cooperation with Munich Airport, as well as the acquisition of the passenger boarding bridge manufacturer FMT in January, lay the foundation for the Dabico Group to continue developing innovative integrated systems,” affirms Alexander Pfurr, Managing Director and CCO of Dabico Airport Solutions Germany. 


Hotelbeds & Merlin Entertainments sign deal

Hotelbeds and Merlin Entertainments have signed an exclusive distribution agreement for its six Legoland Hotels at Legoland Resorts in the United States, making Hotelbeds the sole partner of B2B accommodation bookings for these properties globally.

The two companies have had a long-standing successful theme parks and attractions partnership, but this new contract will be their only hotel offering.

Chris Leonard, Managing Director of Mobility and Experiences at Hotelbeds, said: “This partnership marks a new phase in our relationship with Merlin and is an endorsement of our joint success to date. Thanks to our extensive global footprint, we are able to now support Legoland Hotels in attracting customers from around the world while also helping agents attract new customers seeking new holiday experiences.”


Sav and forge partnership

Sav, the UAE’s leading goal-based savings app, has joined forces with, the leading online travel agency in the UAE, to bring a groundbreaking approach to travel savings.

In an era where financial responsibility and smart spending are paramount, Sav and introduce an innovative paradigm shift “save now, buy later for travel”. This feature empowers users to embark on a journey of financial discipline while planning their dream vacations.

Sachin Gadoya, CEO and Co-Founder of said, “At, our mission has always been to make travel dreams a reality. Through this partnership with Sav, we aim to empower our customers to save effortlessly for their dream vacations...”

According to Purvi Munot, co-founder of Sav, “The need for accessible and affordable travel solutions is more significant than ever. Sav’s partnership with Musafir Travels has answered this call with a resounding solution. By offering users a platform to save and embark on unforgettable journeys, we’re making the dream of travel a reality while ensuring financial well-being for all.”


Thanda Safari incorporates AI tracking

Thanda Safari, a renowned Big Five game reserve in KwaZulu Natal has partnered with Rouxcel Technology, a leading conservation company specialising in advanced rhino collar technology. Its revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) driven technology and real-time tracking and monitoring capabilities empower Thanda Safari to augment the safeguarding and wellbeing of its endangered rhino populations.

The newly developed AI-enabled collars continuously observe, analyse, and learn to identify behaviour patterns specific to each rhino. When registering ‘abnormal’ activity related to a possible poaching attempt, fighting, mating, giving birth or illness, the collar triggers an instant alert on ranger’s phones, pinpointing the incident’s precise location via GPS. This cutting-edge technology facilitates rapid response and investigation, enabling effective safeguarding of these majestic creatures.

Mariana Venter, Wildlife Operations Co-Ordinator at Thanda Safari, said, “For security reasons, this system is crucial in helping us catch poachers in the act. ”