Shangri-La Oman leads with culture

Culture and heritage take the lead in Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah this winter

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah, one of Oman’s leading leisure hideouts, is on a mission to showcase and celebrate the country’s rich heritage and culture through wonderfully curated experiences.

The 124-acre resort, which features Arabesque architecture and Omani-inspired interiors, has launched several initiatives to offer its guests a truly unique and authentic experience of Oman.

Some of these well-established initiatives include the fragrant Frankincense Garden on property for guests to admire and the world’s first Frankincense Sommelier, Khalid, who greets guests with traditional Omani service upon arrival.

Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah also boasts the first Luban Spa in the Middle East, which offers frankincense-inspired treatments and oils with healing properties. The spa uses the ancient resin of frankincense, which is harvested from Boswellia trees.



Among Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah’s newest initiatives to keep Omani traditions at the fore, is the newly opened Turath Café, a heritage café offering authentic Omani Kahwa (coffee) and dishes with a memorable fragrance of frankincense.

Arabian coffee is an important aspect of hospitality in Arab societies and is considered a ceremonial act of generosity. It has been part of Arab culture for centuries and its preparation and serving is marked by elaborate traditions that have been inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

In fact, all the outlets at Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah offer at least some gourmet treats infused with frankincense, dates, and honey – three symbolic elements deeply rooted in the DNA of the country.



Another culturally rooted initiative by Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah is the soon-to-launch Art and Architecture Tour that will explore the beauty and significance of the resort, which was built in 2006 with a deference to the history of Oman.

Most of the paintings adorning the resort are works of famous local Omani artists and the photographs come from the personal collection of His Excellency Mohamed Al Zubair and provide glimpse of his encounters over the decades.

The architecture of the resort is inspired by and exemplifies the local heritage and culture – Al Waha area represents the village, Al Bandar stands in for the town and Al Husn is symbolic of the defence fortress of Oman.

While the exterior of the resort was influenced by historic Omani forts, the interiors are enriched with opulent local fabrics, carved wooden fittings in the corridors and rooms, beautiful chandeliers, small ornate windows and Arabian lantern-style lighting.

The Art and Architecture Tour then continues at Turath Café where guests savour Omani sweets and frankincense treats, traditional Halwa and mocktails. Guests will also be able to visit the Art Museum, which has been curated in close cooperation with Bait Al Zubair to display Omani paintings, located on the first floor of Turath Café.

A visit to Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah is a great way to explore Omani culture and hospitality, while being immersed in authentic luxury.