Explore Azerbaijan in winter


Azerbaijan is a unique country blessed with 8 out of 11 climate zones and landscapes of every kind, making it a perfect destination during any season or holiday. In winter, Azerbaijan turns into a magical place for a vacation at its winter resorts.

With the approach of winter, Shahdag and Tufandag Mountain Resorts are welcoming everyone to their venues and fascinating views of the mountains. What these resorts have in common is their offering of perfectly groomed slopes for skiing and snowboarding, high-class hotels, spas, and restaurants, as well as different thrilling sports and leisure activities. Here everyone from the beginner to professional skier can relish greatly groomed slopes, while non-skiers can also have fun choosing from a number of activities such as off-road tours, paragliding, cycling and cable car rides overlooking the majestic mountains. As you think of which of the two resorts to choose, you may dwell into the details and specifications of these marvellous locations.

Shahdag Mountain Resort is located nearby Gusar city and is famous for its lush nature. The charming village of Laza located close to the ski resort is surrounded by breath-taking scenery, promising enjoyable hikes. Another picturesque view opens up on the way to the snowiest village of Azerbaijan, Griz. The route there is also full of natural sights as you hike through the up-and-down route via Kokosh Canyon and Gurgur Waterfall. In winter, the waterfall freezes and acquires a different exceptional beauty. Like every region, here you may find some delicious local specialities. With the help of the kharak, a traditional to this region bread-making oven, the local people make a variety of flatbreads, including a local type of pizza called shakuka. Another dish not to miss is a traditional meat pie called tskan. You will notice that every dish will surely be packed with fragrant herbs and berries foraged from the marvellous mountain forests.

If tourists’ choice fell on another amazing winter resort – Tufandag, they are granted the opportunity to explore the peaceful region of Gabala. Visiting this region will not only be a way to have fun holidays, but also get back in shape and take care of your health. The adrenaline-filled attraction – the mountain swing – is located within the territory of the Tufandag Mountain Resort in Gabala, on a peak called Sleeping Beauty. This attraction will not only provide you with plenty of thrills and excitement, but also with a sensational view of the mountain peaks. There are two swings (7 and 20 metres high) to try out and feel your adrenaline flow. Such combinations of different activities are available as the city is famous for its large number of thermal mineral waters and resorts. People from all over the country travel to the resorts as an essential part of their yearly wellness care routine. Gabala is also known for the picturesque Nij village located just 20 kilometres southwest of the city. It is populated by Udi people who are directly descended from one of the main tribes living in Caucasian Albanian, an ancient state existing across much of today’s Azerbaijan from about 3BC to 8AD. 

There is plenty to see and do in Azerbaijan in winter be it enjoying outdoor activities in majestic mountains, discovering fascinating heritage in the outskirts of Baku, or indulging in national cuisine, shopping and having the best time in capital Baku that is brimming with fun events and nightlife. What is great about Azerbaijan is that all the tourist locations are close to each other, allowing travellers to enjoy a variety of experiences at once. Therefore, we always talk about the versatility of the regions, to help visitors plan their trips in a more detailed and enjoyable way.