Clinique La Prairie brings longevity closer


Luxury longevity and wellness destination Clinique La Prairie is all set to take the Middle East by storm, starting from the recent opening of new Longevity Hub at The St. Regis, Marsa Arabia Island, The Pearl – Qatar. 
The arrival of the first Longevity Hub in the region and the third globally (after Madrid and Bangkok) will introduce the brand’s unique offerings and reputation in Doha.
The state-of-the-art Longevity Hub is a luxurious haven of wellbeing and rejuvenation, offering Clinique La Prairie’s integrative approach to longevity. Focusing on holistic assessments, wellbeing and aesthetics, and hyper-personalised protocols designed by experts for building life-changing routines, guests will feel rejuvenated both inside and out.
Founded in 1931 by Professor Niehans, a pioneer in longevity, Clinique La Prairie has over the years established an international reputation as a world-renowned health destination located in Clarens-Montreux, Switzerland. 
TTN's Rashi Sen spoke to Simone Gibertoni, CEO of Clinique La Prairie, at the Luxury Longevity Lounge in the recently concluded Art Dubai, to unveil his regional ambitions. “After Covid-19, the Middle East is becoming more and more important for us as a feeder market in our Montreux property. In fact, about 20 per cent of our clients come from the Middle East region, we have a lot of guests from royal families. 
“For too long, the market has been very much focused on beauty and aesthetics. Now is the time to bring longevity into the picture. From our repeat visitors and the growing interest, we are confident that the region is ready to understand and appreciate the concept of Clinique La Prairie. 
“Before the year is over, we are hoping to open a Longevity Hub in Dubai as well.”
Clinique La Prairie hubs are being opened in cities around the world so that international clients can continue their journey closer to home. The longevity philosophy has been actively developing into a unique health journey since 2020. A range of longevity supplements, Holistic Health, has been launched and is available outside of the clinic.
Thanks to ongoing scientific research, Clinique La Prairie is regarded as a leading light in preventative medicine. Its unique Revitalisation programme is designed to promote vitality, enhance the immune system, and slow down the ageing process. Master Detox delivers the ultimate in bespoke cleansing programmes. Other programmes include Healthy Weight and premium Check-up. Clinique La Prairie’s philosophy to health and wellness combines its expertise and its holistic approach based on the four pillars of medical insight, wellness, nutrition, and movement.
“A medical team of some 50 leading specialists assure exceptional diagnostic precision and support. Equipped with the latest technology and genetic insights, Clinique La Prairie offers the most advanced medical and wellness care in a sophisticated environment.
"In its multi award-winning complex, the lifestyle and wellbeing experts help restore internal balance as well as remedy a wide range of conditions, including fatigue, anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia, detox, weight, pain and more. Cutting-edge science and ancient healing practices are combined to offer holistic and result-driven experiences. 
"Guests stay in one of 38 luxury rooms and suites with stunning views of the Alps and the Geneva lake.”
Closer to home in the new Doha hub, guests will also have the opportunity to discover their Longevity Index, choose advanced therapies and commit to highly personalised packages aimed at establishing a successful self-care wellness journey. The carefully selected treatments and coaching in the packages, which include Energize, Rebalance, and Glow, are created to help guests look, feel, and live well. 
Guests will get access and insight into Longevity & Nutrition; Aesthetics & Beauty; Wellbeing; and Movement. Medical experts in the fields of longevity, epigenetics and nutrition will offer consultations and follow-ups to assess daily routines, give an in-depth insight into guests’ state of health, and provide a tailor-made guide to overhaul their lifestyles. To address cellular ageing inside and out, a team of aesthetic medicine specialists will combine expert knowledge and state-of-the-art technology to provide a broad range of personalised treatments for lasting and effective results.
The menu features everything from body detoxification treatments and anti-aging facials, to massages that enhance internal balance, all while drawing inspiration from regenerative sciences. Among the cutting-edge wellness methods available are IV drips, advanced infrared light therapy and cryotherapy.
While maintaining a healthy lifestyle is an essential part of the integrative approach, a vibrant workout space completes the facility to ensure fitness fulfilment. Every journey includes a tailored follow-up program from of a specialised coaching team. They will be able to advise on personal goals and provide personalised guidance on how to stay healthy and pursue your set objectives.
Inspiring clients to live a “fuller, longer, and healthier life” has been Clinique La Prairie’s mission since 1931. Its offerings are grounded in longevity science and continuously innovate in preventative medicine, nutrition, wellness, and health. At the Swiss clinic, through week-long pioneering programs based on the Clinique La Prairie Longevity Method, experts provide guests with revitalising, immune-boosting, and rebalancing itineraries to unlock the secret of living.
This summer, Clinique La Prairie will include its ground-breaking line of Swiss-made supplements into its longevity packages. They provide the most cutting-edge advanced micro nutritional solutions, bridging the key pillars of healthy living: immunity, stress management, anti-inflammation, rejuvenation, and cellular stimulation.
“We have a vision 2040 – we are not in it for the short term,” Gibertoni tells us. “We want to have 40 longevity hubs by 2040 and another 10 clinics like we have in Montreux – a sustainable ecosystem helping achieve long-term goals. By 2040, we will have a presence in 40 top cities of the world, which should cover 95 per cent of our clients so that they can follow up closer to their homes. The clinics will provide guidance, the customised products – always used within a holistic setup – will continue the longevity journey and there will always be a sharp focus on innovation. 
“This is our dream - helping people live a longer, healthier and better life,” Gibertoni tells us.