Atmosphere Core announces aggressive expansion


Atmosphere Core, a newly rebranded Maldivian hospitality powerhouse with three major brands, has announced its intention of opening 20 new properties over the next two years. Atmosphere Core now represents eight resorts three key brands: THE OZEN COLLECTION, COLOURS OF OBLU and Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts.

We speak to Stephane Laguette, Chief Commercial Officer, Atmosphere Core, for details.


What’s your outlook on the year ahead? Can you please shed some light on the growth and marketing strategy for this year?

Atmosphere Core is one of the fastest-growing hospitality companies in South Asia. It is known for operating with sincerity, while capitalizing on its experience and intelligence to always stay ahead of the competition through an innovative approach.

Atmosphere Core is poised for strong growth in South Asia, with three THE OZEN COLLECTION properties in the pipeline. OZEN MANSION KOLKATA opening in Q4 2023 in India, OZEN PRIVÉ ATHIRI GILI set for Q4 2024 in the Maldives, and OZEN SECLUDED TANGALLE in Sri Lanka the following year.


As we expand into India and other countries in South Asia, every property we add to our portfolio will offer a distinct, new experience to immerse travellers in the destination
– Stephane Laguette

In addition to these properties, we have had an eventful year with the recent launch of our third brand, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts. Migrating from the actual company name, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts paves the way for refreshingly different destinations in South Asia, while also blending in the company’s footprint in the Maldives.

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts brand achieves this rich diversity of experiences through seven well-defined sub-brand options. The current portfolio includes Atmosphere Kanifushi and VARU By Atmosphere.


Maldives is at the cusp of a major transformation and hospitality sectors are emblematic of this journey. How do you see the hospitality sector evolving?

The hospitality sector in the Maldives has indeed undergone significant transformation in recent years. Be it shifts in top source markets or the ever-evolving guest experiences. Travellers are seeking more eco-friendly and sustainable tourism options along with rising demand for experiential engagement and wellness stays.

At Atmosphere Core, we have always remained ahead of the curve, evolving dynamically to respond to and even anticipate guests’ needs. We always strive to provide the best possible experiences for our guests without fuss or complexity.


How important in your opinion is the regional factor, giving a local feel based on the region’s taste, preference and culture?

Increasingly, travellers want to connect with a place on a deeper level. They seek to explore new cultural and natural landscapes, even as a means of self-discovery. All our resorts in the Maldives blend in local culture – be it through specialty Maldivian dining at Kaagé and LONU restaurants or traditional rope-fishing on a Dhoni and indigenous healing massages using sand bundles at our spa outlets. It’s the attention to these nuances that create a sense of place.

Our new brand, Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts, takes it a step further. With this brand, guests can look forward to spatial experiences inspired by the local culture. As we expand into India and other countries in South Asia, every property we add to our portfolio will offer a distinct, new experience to immerse travellers in the destination.

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