A journey of discovery with Wow Porto


A visit to historical Porto is incomplete without a day trip to Wow Porto and its museums.

Porto is famous for repurposing its grape beverage cellars, turning them into new age accommodation, retail and entertainment zones.

This reimagination is taken to the next level at Wow Portugal. Overlooking Douro River and facing the stunning Ponte Dom Luís I bridge built in 1886, the modern and trendy cultural district of Wow Portugal is the home of history, culture and gastronomy linking Porto and Portugal to the world.

Wow Porto is a walkaround experience, a cluster of cellars spread across the gentle slope of the Vila Nova de Gaia district with winding cobbled streets, and modern walkways to navigate the cultural exhibits.

All of these are accessible and pet friendly, with options of escalators and elevators at every bend. Often, one will come across MICE groups or tourists while criss-crossing the various attractions – it is indeed a place that works it charm on groups with curated itineraries as well as individuals and families on a leisurely stroll.

Walk-in guests can take in sweeping views of historical Porto at various viewing points in between stopovers at any of the dozen odd events taking place within the cultural district. The thirsty and gastronomically inclined will find a wealth of tastes at half a dozen specialty café and restaurants. Count among these 1828, a steakhouse that celebrates the best cuts of matured meat paired with young vintage port wines. The ambiance and décor is a tribute to Porto going back two hundred years.

A light lunch stopover is recommended at Golden Catch, a traditional fish and seafood modern outlet that has a team of fantastic staff and an inhouse sommelier to advise the right Porto beverage to meet your taste. The highlight of the menu is the seafood, which serves the flavours of Portugal on a two-storey platter: from oysters from the Ria de Aveiro to clams à Bulhão Pato.

While a visit to the district is free of cost, Wow Porto’s museum experiences are ticketed and these can make for an inspiring itinerary to delve into the curious world of fashion and music, the journey of chocolate through the ages, with the bonus experience of producing your own chocolate bar.

The other fascinating and interactive museum experiences include, a museum dedicated to the rose, going all out with the theme of pink, yet another one dedicated to cork, and another one to drinking vessels. Each of these pick on unusual subjects, then take the visitors on an unforgettable journey of discovery.

All in all, a must visit when in Porto whether with family or friends or as a couple. For agents, they can earn up to 10 to 20 per cent of the ticket price. Parts of the museum and various venue areas may also be leased for special occasions or product launches.