Seera Group to develop Raghadan Tourist Resort

The Tourism Development Fund (TDF) and Seera Group have signed a financing agreement to establish and operate the Raghadan Tourist Resort, the first sustainable tourism project in the Al Baha region – one of the main investment destinations identified under Saudi Arabia’s National Tourism Strategy.

The Raghadan Tourist Resort project represents the beginning of a new era in Al Baha’s history and will be a major boost for tourism in the region. Al Baha’s rich history, cultural heritage, climate, topography and geographic location in the south-west of Saudi Arabia make it an attractive area for tourism and one that will further diversify the country’s offering.

Under the partnership, Seera Group will develop a world-class sustainable tourism development stretching across an area of 50,000 square metres that aims to ensure the preservation of the Al Baha region and its social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

The destination will include a luxury hotel resort with 200 guest rooms and family suites, a multi-purpose hall, outdoor spaces and a number of shops, restaurants and cafes. There will also be a children's activity centre, theatre, traditional market, and a modern shopping centre with international brands. A range of activities such as climbing, hiking, biking and camping will aim to attract nature lovers and adventure seekers alike.

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