Five hotels in the pipeline: Shaza

Sanjiv Malhotra

Shaza Hotels has plans to open five properties in the coming years, including a property on Palm Jumeirah opening in line with the upcoming EXPO 2020 Dubai.

We spoke to Sanjiv Malhotra, Executive Vice President – Shaza Hotels, who is responsible for nurturing the concept and development of the brand as well as making it an operational reality. “Our expansion plan reflects our strong commitment to the Middle East market; hence we have five hotels in the pipeline, including Mysk The Palm, Shaza Salalah, Shaza Jeddah, Mysk Jeddah, and Shaza Doha.”

Shaza Hotels operates seven hotels across the region: Mysk Al Faya Retreat, Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, and Mysk Al Badayer Retreat in the UAE, Shaza Makkah, Shaza Madina, and Shaza Riyadh in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to Mysk Al Mouj Hotel in Muscat.

“Shaza is a collection of luxury hotels inspired by the cultures of the Silk Route. Mysk is growing into lifestyle retreats and urban hotels,” Malhotra tells TTN. “Shaza represents, in personality, a detailed, well-travelled, understated layered persona, while Mysk is a vibrant, contemporary, convivial theatre of life.”

In this region, the Middle East and the GCC make up the key feeder markets for Shaza Hotels. “Shaza aims to become a true embodiment of the authentic Arabian hospitality; thus, our main source market is the GCC region, and we focus on delivering the highest hospitality standards across all Shaza and Mysk by Shaza Hotels.”

Shaza values generosity, respect, pride, engagement, awareness, and creativity, says Malhotra. “We live and breathe these values in everything that we do, particularly by the leadership. A new brand builds its organizational culture purely on how it understands its identity and instils the desire in all of its team members to embrace the values in their daily lives.”