Juffali Special Vehicles: tailor-made solutions


Juffali Special Vehicles (JSV) is a division of Juffali Commercial Vehicles Company that specializes in designing all types of vehicles (cars, vans, buses, and trucks) to serve all customer needs in their living, commercial and recreational life, such as VIP cars, tourist cars, ambulance transport, camping animal transport, veterinary clinic, mobile homes, mobile offices, food trucks, and so on.

Juffali Special Vehicles relies on its long-standing experience of more than 70 years in the vehicle sector and customer service from the luxury brand Mercedes-Benz.

“We seek to provide all customers’ wishes through modifications that meet transportation needs and provide the best solutions through consultants dedicated to serving you and, with its  expertise, has become a long-established manufacturer of vehicles of all kinds,” says a spokesperson.

“If the Saudi people are convinced, then the sky is the limit for ambitions.” With this determination, HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman summed up his ambitious vision for the future of Saudi Arabia.

“At Juffali Special Vehicles, we strive for our ambition to be the world’s first choice in the field of vehicle modification through ambitious Saudi cadres and long experience,” says the spokesperson.

With a long history in the field of diversified vehicles to represent some of the world’s leading brands, the company has gained the trust and built deep and long relationships.

Competitive prices also distinguish it because the company deals with a large volume of modified vehicles.

“We deal with partners with comprehensive experience in car modification factories in various specialties. They are the ones we trust in the quality and direct you to the right path.

Finally, we guarantee the modification of your vehicles within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, said the company.

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