Taiwan focuses on its safety credentials

Taroko, Taiwan

Taiwan, one of the front runners in beating coronavirus and where life is currently back to normal, is currently in discussion to gradually welcome the Heart of Asia for foreign tourists.

According Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) the plan is to reopen transportation and tourism in three stages, the last of which will allow foreign tourists to visit the country.

In Taiwan, an island with a population of approximately 23 million people, there have been around 500 confirmed cases and 7 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. As of today, the residents of Taipei seem relaxed in the knowledge there has been only one suspected case linked to local transmission in the city since mid-April.

In the months since its effective response to the outbreak of Covid-19, the world has gained a greater appreciation of Taiwan’s capacity for confronting problems. Taiwan’s response to Covid-19 without a lockdown has revealed its resilience and capacity for unity of purpose.


In Taiwan, there have been around 500 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 7 deaths since the beginning of the pandemic

If you happen to get a glimpse of Taiwan right now, you may feel that the pandemic never touched this country – you will see young groups of people exercising and practicing dance routines in the park, citizens enjoying the hot midday sun than social distancing; restaurants and eateries packed with people enjoying their scrumptious meals and so much more making you believe life here is somewhat surreal.

Taiwan Tourism Bureau (TTB) in the Middle East is gearing up with strategic activities to promote the country in the region. In 2019, TTB completed various successful promotional activities with Emirates Airline, multi-city roadshows, 360 creative media campaigns, sales and influencer collaborations growing interest of Taiwan amongst GCC travellers.

The strategy this year is to push more digital and social media initiatives and continue strengthening trade relations focusing on outdoor activities and nature parks and next year for cycling tourism.

Dr Trust Lin, leading Taiwan Tourism Bureau in the Middle East amongst other regions, has been recently appointed as the Deputy Director General, Taiwan Tourism Bureau and will be taking on initiatives to greater heights with his experience and network with internal trade and tourism network globally.