Nizwa: an oasis of heritage, nature

Nizwa, Jebel Akhdar in Oman

The Sultanate of Oman has always been an international haven for tourists seeking to enjoy an atmosphere of exclusivity and relaxation, and when we start travelling again, Omani Nizwa should be considered on our local trips.

Celebrated for its natural beauty, vibrant history, and ancient civilization, along with endless fun activities, Oman offers tourists with an exceptional opportunity to experience its hospitality and rich heritage that is evident in its many historic castles and forts.

Scattered all around Oman are its famous heritage sites - some of which have been recognized globally - and one of these is Nizwa in the Governorate of Ad Dakhiliyah Governorate. Bursting with the magic of scenic nature, majestic castles, and towering mountains, Nizwa exudes a distinctive vibe. 

A visit to Nizwa Castle, a wonder that took 12 years in the making, is considered a once-in-a-lifetime cultural trip mixed with unforgettable fun and adventure. The strategically located castle is a witness to many stories of the ancients times.  Its intricate pathways that embody the finest forms of unique engineering and art demonstrate the proficiency of Omani in these two fields.  The castle, which was used to serve as a fortress, is a vital political and social center in the Sultanate.

Further, apart from discovering the castle, going around Nizwa's neighborhoods is a treat in itself. Riding in an eco-friendly electric bicycle is a unique way to explore its old towns, visit the palm groves, and see agricultural plains that paint a captivating scene.

Going to Nizwa Heritage souq is another unique activity for every family to enjoy. The souq  takes tourists to an interesting journey to explore the Omani civilization and all of its local traditional industries, from the manufacture of daggers, silver, copper, and yarn to selling livestock, fish, vegetables and handicrafts as well as the many varieties of Omani candies. The souq is a sight to behold as well. With its traditional architectural building and old divisions that blend in harmony with the features of modern construction, the souq, which has been one of the most important commercial hubs for hundreds of years in Oman, stands as a witness to an ancient era in the history of the Sultanate.

Those wishing to learn more about Omani heritage, the “Bait al Qersh” Exhibition located in the ancient castle of Nizwa is the perfect place to go. Famous for its distinctive interior architecture,  the museum houses valuable treasures that tell the stories of the many facets of Omani civilization, from the ancient up until the present times, including its  history, customs, and traditions. It features the rarest coins, the oldest manuscripts, and ancient antiquities, along with more than 5,000 artifacts. Visitors are able to gain an overview of the ancient accomplishments of the Omani people.

While at Nizwa, tourists have a chance to experience first-hand the authentic Omani traditions. They can learn the arts of agriculture using old tools, eat traditional food, or make local products such as sweets, gold, fabric, and leather.

The captivating Nizwa is like a historic painting that takes you back to the ancient days. It offers visitors with unforgettable memories that are perfect to capture in photographs to be shared with loved ones and friends.

The beauty and uniqueness of Nizwa have made it one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the Sultanate and the region. Nizwa’s culture and contributions to science, history, and civilization remain relevant in Oman’s contemporary journey. Attracting local and international tourists, Nizwa is vital to the country’s National Tourism Strategy 2040, which aims to attract more than 11 million visitors from all over the world by 2040.