Chedi Muscat positions itself as the perfect escape

The Chedi Muscat is introducing a series of three-, five- and seven-night spa retreats that bridge East and West on the crossroads of the Arabian Peninsula and positions itself as an ideal escape.

“This isn’t so much an opportunity for a holiday as it is an opportunity to affect one of those major resets,” said Morton Johnston, the hotel’s general manager. “It’s an investment in the first day of the rest of your life.”

The venue for these ‘Escapes’ is founded in the resort’s 800 square-metre spa where 13 fully contained suites exemplify the virtues of understated elegance.

Beyond the spa, the resort’s wellness assets also factor into the Escape’s gameplans: the 103-metre Long Pool, the Health Club with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, Pilates equipment, free weights and Kinesis wall, the Euroclay tennis courts and a 370-metre stretch of private beach.

“We’re a world within a world,” said Johnston. “To really effect the kind of change we’re striving for, you’ve got to be in a place that fulfills needs around every corner.”

The new Luxury Wellness Escapes step up the possibilities from two full days to four full days to six full days.